Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Hello again! Ashley here.

Let me give some background on why I became a Beachbody coach. As a new Zumba instructor, I knew I finally had a way to get those around me not only having fun, but shaking the weight off. As I started getting back awesome feedback, (one lady even told me that she hasn’t smiled so much but coming to my classes gave her so much joy!), I realized I wanted to do more to get involved in with spreading awareness about living an active lifestyle and healthy eating. The forever increasing number of our world’s obesity rate is so alarming and all it takes is one person to change the life of someone else and after time, the change will spread like wildfire! And with the network of Beachbody coaches constantly growing everyday, I knew I take part in the movement to a healthier and more active life.

So after doing my research, I jumped right in! It’s definitely been a challenge and pulling off slow for me, but here I am creating new ways to get the word out. I believe with anything, it takes hard work, time, and commitment, and effort, and in due time, I hope to copy my coach’s success. The fact that you get to responsible for helping change someone’s life for the better is such a blessing. These people not only lose weight and eat healthier, but lasting bonds and relationships are built.

I do hope to make this a full time career, so along with the income opportunity that Beachbody provides, I’m pretty sure I found out what it is I want to do for the rest of my life. So, after joining the challenge group, I got started with Shaun T’s new program T25 and boy did I like my results! I lost inches around my waist and gained guns for biceps. And overall, I lost about 7 pounds. For me that was awesome because I had always been active but now my body was more defined. Drinking Shakeology everyday boosted my results even more. Now I love to eat, but soon realized that this stuff was curbing my appetite for at least 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it! So after getting these desired results, how could I not spread the word? Well, that is my mission. To spread the awareness, get people everywhere in challenge groups , and build a huge team of coaches. SUCCESS FOR EVERYONE! So if you would like more information on coaching or even reaching your health and fitness goals,visit my website at

Oh yeah, if you are on Facebook, you can visit my Total Fit Club like page, just an addition of my health and fitness blog (

See you guys soon!



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