Waiting For My Tools to Arrive

Hello friends!

I’m going to tell about a few things that I bought to get the ball rolling in my journey to get my business running. I decided that I needed a better approach to get the word out about Beachbody challenge groups and sponsoring more coaches. One thing I love to do is research, and after much of it, I found a few things that I think will help me get moving. Instant Customer Goldmine by Dani Johnson is the first item I purchased. Her name has so much power behind it in itself. This book is basically supposed to open the door for many marketing strategies that will skyrocket any endeavor or business that you have. It is a 4 part audio that many people have said changed the way they do business and watched their incomes soar. Can’t wait to get that in the mail. Also, I know a little about internet and affiliate marketing and have heard of some big names in the industry, and I kept coming across a must have for all entrepreneurs. The book is called Magnetic Sponsoring. I downloaded the e-book and can’t wait to dig in. It shows many of the old school tactics that still work today on getting prospects into your business. A lot of online and offline marketing, basically. There is also another program within Magnetic Sponsoring called Elite Marketing Pro that I want to try out, but the membership is $197 a month. Maybe once I start seeing some real income roll in. So for now I will be using those two products and implement them into my marketing strategies and hope to see results very soon.

I made a window decal from vistaprint to be a moving billboard for my Beachbody business. Image

Also, I made some flyers that I will put in local businesses, churches, schools, etc.


So, hopefully, since I am taking this more serious than before, things will start to make progress. I am so passionate about spreading the awareness of healthy eating and exercise, so I’m going to work harder and harder everyday. One thing that I am trying to teach myself is driving traffic to my blogs and websites. I’m on information overload. I’m on a budget here and I know that paid advertising can sometimes be more effective, but like I said, this is the start of my journey and hopefully I can get some momentum going real soon.

Until next time,

Ashley “Entrepreneur in the Making”


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