Some Marketing Training

I ordered “Instant Customer Goldmine” from Dani Johnson and listened to the audio. I found out that when you are selling a product or a service, 99% of the time, the sell is based on how you communicate to the people. Selling something to someone is based on communication. In my case, even though I think Beachbody and it’s products sell themselves because they really do deliver what they promise, I still sound a little pitchy or sales-y when I’m talking about the products. When you are a marketer, you have to make them want to come to you. You have to be yourself, be real, and use testimony. I think I would shoot off with loads of information and turn off the potential buyer. Also, I found that every successful marketer has a system in place. Which is why besides using the window decals, flyers, social media, and word of mouth, I will be joining Power Lead System, for their powerful lead generation system. Hopefully using both offline and online efforts, things will start to gain momentum. I also have a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring to read and implement. There’s got to be some success coming when utilizing all these tools the right way. I can’t wait to begin and share the journey!

P.S I discovered a lot of internet marketers get involved with more than one system. Eventually Elite Marketing Pro, Empower Network, or MLSP to name a few, will make me some big money when the time comes and the advertising budgets are higher.

Until next time,

“Entrepreneur in the Making”


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