Changing it Up

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! I definitely enjoyed mine. I went out of town to go shopping and spent time with family and friends. Well, I’m going to keep this post short.

I haven’t really been focused on blogging for the past few days because I have been busy putting together my own Zumba classes. I’m teaching Zumba classes at a gym a few times a week, but I only get compensated per class. Having my own independent class allows me to have more control and allows non gym members to come. Also, I get to charge my own fees per person, so I’m looking forward to getting these classes going and growing. I did however make new business cards that were more eye catching for my Beachbody business. The ones I was using really just had a bunch of writing on it and didn’t really explain much. So after going back to the drawing board, I came up with a much better design. I think it’s much more straight to the point.

Also, I can’t wait to join the Power Lead System next month and get working on lead generation for my business. I just keep getting more and more information on marketing and advertising so I can make this business successful.

If you would like to work on starting a home based business, I’d be more than happy to share information with you so we can get the SUCCESS train! You can visit my website at

Also be sure to check out my other blog at


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